Monday, 23 October 2006


Fucking in the Bushes.. Never thought the track had enough in it to bring out the vengeance in me waiting to unleash itself at some point or another. But then I guess its just the average Indian rage boiling over, the line that divides actuation and inaction seems to have vanished into the thick blue sky that looms large somewhere overhead. They say it’s a gift to be able to get inspired by anything around you but then sometimes one can be so muddled up that the smallest things seem so deep, so beyond the world we see around us, in this case, the offensive one-lined OST of a bloody Brit flick some genius directed at poor sons-of-guns jobless enough to spare the time to download it off the net. Often wonder if music is indeed meant to soothe, I could swear I’ve seen a darker, more deceptive side of it in recent weeks and quite a few of the lot would have to agree. Its ridiculous how a song of said name could end with “life is beautiful.. I’m all for it”, it’s the kind of music that’d topple entire nations overnight if one actually gave it the time to sink in. And the bushes of all places, those Gall fucks sure have some skeletons in their closets. It wouldn’t surprise me if the song was a tribute to some sorry true life incident. It’d sure be interesting to know what kinda sick guy would be inspired to do it there in the first place and then make a record off it. If we all stopped to wonder bout every thing that lives, breathes or is simply present within a short radius of every step we take, it’d probably give us enough to fill up an entire library. And then one stray match ends it all. Just realized I’m sadistic, finally something bout myself I won’t be loathing anymore. Violence does have a subtle beauty I’ve failed to recognize all this while, it brings about the realization that we are human, it is our curse and as much as we try to deny it, the cure is just a loaded gun away. Look out the window and you’ll see life’s just a four-letter word you’d rather scratch on some college bench waiting till a coat of paint takes care of it so you get to have another go.