Tuesday, 23 April 2013

213 (for 2013)

Life is one

Jump the gun
Finish the run

Play the cool
Stretch a rule

Tame a star
Raid the bar

Lend a hand
Claim your land

Shatter a notion
Conquer an ocean

Free a desire
Fan the fire

Wear the rain
Stir and strain

Never say die
Confess a lie

Write a song
Right a wrong

Stretch a goal
Study your soul

Make ends meet
Smile and greet

Get caught up
Adopt a pup

Pass a smoke
Master a stroke

Waste some time
Prevent a crime

Grow new thought
Forgive the lot

Flee the nest
Stop and rest

Wake at dawn
Move the pawn

Touch a cloud
Shout out loud

Earn a friend
Skip the bend 

Knock on wood
Stand for good

Toe the line
Follow the sign

Scratch an itch
Get fucking rich

Trip the wheel
Hurt and heal

Scale a gate
Cheat your fate

Age like wine
Say ‘I’m fine’

Ride the train
Pull the chain

Hold your nerve
Bell the curve

Learn to fend
Predict the end

Take by storm
Keep love warm

Fight a tear
Shift a gear

Turn the key
Hug a tree

Pick your mark
Build an ark

Raise a stink
Spill a drink

Break a sweat
Lose a bet

Do till done
Life is one