Friday, 26 August 2005

The Matrix

I walk in, rather take a plunge each time. I'm kept from tripping though struck in wonder, opening my senses once more to a steadfast assurance of protection, a reminder that I'll never be alone. It twists, speaking at one and the same time of the joy of birth and the fear of departure. It speaks of a lost childhood, the hardship and struggle surviving hunger, embracing each timid step with unparalleled affection on a path leading toward eternity. One that spurs within me the yearning to carry on this way, leave my frayed dreams smouldering behind. I was born into deceit, a world of lies and somehow I find myself purged in a matter of moments. It seems this enchantment has given me a whole new perception of beauty; everlasting, enigmatic and surreal. But I must rise, achieve heights they've set in an aimless existence, longing once more to venture into that all encompassing realm, The Matrix in my mother's eyes.

Thursday, 25 August 2005


There’s a subtle bliss that hides itself within silence. I believe I’m composed of that very silence. A silence that lends definition to my existence. Yet my musings seem to be those of a world entirely different from that which surrounds and I’m often left to marvel at simple happenings which seem to be of significant consequence to the people I share my life with. An observer, I look inside and often suffer from an utter disgust at aimlessness that at a certain point encroaches upon my being. But then I am Stoic, one who will rise and bear no resemblance to pain though there might be a storm raging within. I believe that every individual is an experience in himself, that the sole purpose of life is to touch; touch heights, hearts and someday, happiness. It’s funny how I aim to rise above worldliness and attain a certain degree of greater wisdom though I’m no greater a human than anyone else; how I choose to take slow, carefree steps in the seriousness that has engulfed us all, in that race to make it before the rest. I dream of breaking through to the other side someday, achieving a state of complete ignorance of pleasure or pain, a state of being one with myself and The Creator. As the world twists and turns around me, I struggle to uphold my identity and realize I am what you make me; an artist, thinker and a rebel.