Friday, 26 August 2005

The Matrix

I walk in, rather take a plunge each time. I'm kept from tripping though struck in wonder, opening my senses once more to a steadfast assurance of protection, a reminder that I'll never be alone. It twists, speaking at one and the same time of the joy of birth and the fear of departure. It speaks of a lost childhood, the hardship and struggle surviving hunger, embracing each timid step with unparalleled affection on a path leading toward eternity. One that spurs within me the yearning to carry on this way, leave my frayed dreams smouldering behind. I was born into deceit, a world of lies and somehow I find myself purged in a matter of moments. It seems this enchantment has given me a whole new perception of beauty; everlasting, enigmatic and surreal. But I must rise, achieve heights they've set in an aimless existence, longing once more to venture into that all encompassing realm, The Matrix in my mother's eyes.

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