Friday, 30 April 2010


Alone you stood in a shroud of white
Alone you lay with heaven inside
To my aching soul you seemed a pill
You were a fire to my drowning will

I held you up and lit you slow
I kissed you gently my flake of snow
I drew you in and blew you out
Like a wave of silk you waltzed about

I smiled and spun not knowing why
Yours was a lust I couldn't deny
I held you close and harder still
Our breaths collided on that window sill

I smelt you once, inhaled you twice
Every inch of you was sweet surprise
I watched in awe as you smaller grew
I wished you'd stay but there were more of you

My lips stung sore by your dying flame
I stubbed your love without a shadow of shame
And in your pain you smiled, you knew
A part of me just died with you

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