Wednesday, 24 January 2007


I often wonder if life is all we make it out to be, if we have all the time in the world to undo the things we do, and then do them once again. There’re so many things we fail to acknowledge, in ourselves and all that surrounds us, things so obvious they need no explanation. The silent blush that appears on a face without reason or care tells the story of a victory few come to terms with. A victory earned not by guns or toil, rather patience and bewilderment. A battle won marveling at the mysteries of the world, knowing solutions for them are far beyond possible reach, and yet sensing a renewed awe as we look at each passing day. Success upon the realization that there lies peace within, a sublime sense of contentment that gives rise to hope. Hopes that bring us closer and help us connect more intensely with all that live and breathe till we experience a depth that tells us how ridiculously simple it is to unlock all that life has to offer, how heaven lies just a few steps away.

If we stopped to wonder, there’d be no end to the amazement we’d encounter. How often have we stopped to realize what life would be like if the Earth didn’t go round? There’d be no day, no night, in essence, no time; no aging, no fear of the dark, eternal light. I talk now of things impossible but it never hurts to dream. And sleep we must through the night, however long she may wish to wait on us, to give birth to dreams knowing the rising Sun will see us bring consequence to all we set out to achieve. Through snow and rain, the spirit of man has seen itself grow, assuming proportions the Divine would’ve never deemed possible when He went about crafting each one of us in His hands. Ours is a destiny we own, an existence not worth whiling away in anxiety, a life that finds true meaning in being who we were meant to be. The way I look at it now, we are all going to get there someday, we have all the time, we have all the love; there isn’t much left to ask for.

As I lie awake tonight, the stars tell me I’ll be one among them; the clouds that shroud the skies now will give way to my thoughts as they pierce them to see what lies beyond, to dream once more as I have all this while. They’ve taken me places, shown me things, simple happenings in new light. It is this sheer boundlessness of the mind that startles me sometimes, consequently driving me to indulge further, knowing fully well how I might just end up contradicting myself. And I am grateful, for my words that help me share my musings with those who care to listen and for you who help me realize with each fleeting second that I am indeed human; nothing more, nothing less.

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