Wednesday, 21 March 2012


I choose not to grow
I choose not to know
I choose to remain
I choose not to flow

I am more than just a welcome vent
I am more than just a feeble dent
I am more or less the same as me
I am more than just a just intent

I hold within a faltering will
I hold within a humble thrill
I hold much I should forego
I hold within a void to kill

I am not the answer you seek to find
I am not the answer to peace of mind
I am not a door you can't get through
I am not the answer time swept behind

I hope to bend my view
I hope to start over new
I hope because it's all I own
I hope to make sense to you


Mayank Singhania said...

i hope, u never stop writing...:-)

vrinda said...

Beautiful!! Been a while since i read anything u wrote!! :)

Anonymous said...

fabulous as usual :)