Tuesday, 22 May 2012


The night is at its darkest best
A girl nestles into fleeting rest
Clearing day from clouded head
She greets the stranger in her bed

Politeness seems to weigh her down
Her instinct quells to free a frown
Not who or why, it's how she asks
The stranger wears a mirror's mask

I thought there lives just one of me
Are you the girl I used to be?
The echo floods her empty sheets
Tugs heavily at her heavy feet

The silence staring her in the face
Is one she's struggled to embrace
Her wonder can't conceal her guilt
She feels the shiver of a tectonic tilt

She is the one she let slip away
To a tackle borne in course of play
The cloak she chose to cast aside
In her solemn quest for fickle pride

This shade of her has lost its hue
As colourful as the soil is blue
Fading faster than Icarus fell
She flickers into her shrinking shell

The girl rubs her eyes in disbelief
Her cheeks moist, she knows relief
Her breath curls inside a lasting sigh
I am good reason to make me cry


Anonymous said...

love it :)

Sunitha Agarwal said...

I thought there lives just one of me
Are you the girl I used to be?........ Love this part.....
Brilliantly written.... Thought provoking....
I wish I cld write half as gud as you....